Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Imitate Sir Astrophil, or his beloved Stella

To all who, like me, love a star
Declare thine heart to Stella.


  1. Sir Phillip Sidney on Love and Longing in the 21st Century:

    I’m not worthy to write of such beauty

    I’m not worthy to write of such beauty,
    For no earthly words can capture her breast,
    Though I will fulfill my writer’s duty,
    For her eyes are my sun, I shall attest.
    Her teasing fingers sort through shelves of books,
    Oh, how I wish to become those bindings,
    For through my pages, if she were to look,
    My willing heart would be in her findings.
    But my cover is plain, my pages torn,
    I’m a novel who’s been read far too much
    For red lips that look sweeter than the morn
    And skin so pure, it shimmers on light’s touch
    Oh! if I could just know her name by look,
    Then I could surely find her on facebook.

    -Shawn Strack

  2. Stella’s Sonnets


    This game we play you must forgive,
    For thou crave what I repeatedly deny.
    Fighting for my attention, that I will not give,
    For watching you struggle is worth the try.
    And tho you aspire to obtain a kiss,
    I pull back from your grip once more.
    I smile to watch your pure lips miss,
    For working this hard is such a chore.
    Forgive my ignorance I cannot forsake,
    Your flowers all but fell to short.
    A plan is what you must learn to make,
    To gain the passion of a woman of court.
    But I would rather fight with you to hold,
    Than to loose your love for jewels and gold.


    Tis true that pilgrims are what God made us be.
    But God did not push Cupids arrows,
    Nor let our bodies act true and free,
    Nor make your love the song of sparrows.
    For beauty is not meant to be kept in the shade,
    But rather allowed to flourish in the sun.
    Like our beauty our love must not fade,
    Or my distance should not make you run.
    Despite my cruelty I secretly admire,
    To compare my stance as heavenly light.
    A light that constantly pulls your desire.
    My eyes more bright than Queen Mab’s sprites.
    And though I wish to be in your arms.
    This passion we share can only do harm.

    Jessica Sanders

  3. Stella’s Sonnet (Written in the voice and mindset of Astrophil; i.e. Astrophil’s fantasy):

    Astrophil, my love, I bleed for thy heart.
    Time hath come and time hath gone.
    Now let me play my sorrowful song.
    It was his love that tore thee apart:
    Indeed, his Riches played a most credulous part.
    I couldn’t have done thee more wrong;
    But somehow, thy love hath stayed strong.
    The pain that thou suffered I do wish to impart.
    Dear creature, let’s not be dismayed.
    Cupid’s arrow hath fallen from the sky!
    Think back on the witty games we once played…
    Let’s give our love another try!
    For I truly pity thy disgrace:
    How could I have put thee in such awful a place?

    Vanessa Groff

  4. Stella's Response to Astrophil's 63rd

    O Astrophil, you should rethink your speech.
    Though grammar rules the words we use to speak,
    And though I know you write with tongue in cheek,
    Speak not, sit back, and let a master teach.
    You write your words and think that they will reach
    Into my mind and steal my heart away.
    Take back the poem, try another day.
    For you are not who should do preach.
    I'll teach you something that you just might use
    So that you could in truth call me your muse.
    See lie and lay, look close at both of these.
    One needs a thing to act upon—that's lay,
    With lie, you see, it's not the same, I say,
    But you won't lie with me 'cause I'm a tease.

  5. Kali's imitatio:

    Love Ballad
    Why do I love thee, my lovely,
    Who is so grand^ and cuddly?
    Is it because thou est flushed with intelligence?
    Or pleases me with much prudence#?
    Although thee may have violent moments;
    Thou est my dear who radiates brilliance.
    I love thee for the way thee cries
    When thou get frustrated and think of lies;
    About when I came in too late,
    But dear, it surely wasn’t a date.
    You are the only one I love,
    Especially when I think of
    How you sleep+ and what you wear,
    The smell of your perfume, and your hair.

    Why do I love thee, my lovely?
    With eyes so bright and dovey%.
    Is it because thee treats me so dearly?
    Or holds me so nearly?
    Thou est my heart and soul now and forever,
    I can only hope thee can forget me, never.
    Even though we’ve had our times of despair>,
    I know thee will always be there
    To comfort me in times of need
    And forgive me in times of greed~.
    Thou est the sun in the sky
    And when the moon is nigh,
    Thou kisses me with lips of rouge
    Cette est* why I love thee, to conclude.

    ^A great person, not big.
    #Takes care of me with ease.
    +In general, not in bed.
    %Eyes like a dove.
    >No relationship is perfect.
    ~I`ve been greedy toward her belongings.
    *That is